Before you begin your self-learning journey into web development, there are five topics you need to know. In this article, I am going to walk you through the five major elements of web development that will make your learning easy and interesting.


Many would-be web developers are led to believe that HTML and CSS are the easy parts of web development. So much that many rushes through it and go on to start developing websites. However, this is a wrong notion. HTML5 and CSS3 are essentials in creating fast and beautiful web experiences across all devices. Before you begin self-learning web development, here are three cool things you need to know about HTML5:

  1. It improves a website’s search engine ranking. Search bots can read all the embedded media (animations and content that use a lot of Flash). This will help in driving organic traffic to the website.
  2. It offers a hyper-localized geolocation feature that locations extremely well on mobile devices.
  3. It offers local storage and minimizes the need for cookies.


This language is very hot right now. There is a lot of rave about its robust tool for devices, servers, robots, and web browsers. If you are able to learn JavaScript, you won’t waste time doing asynchronous functional programming and prototype-based programming. This is a very important language in web development. It is in great demand and learning it will help you in building your first web app easily.


Ruby PHP, JavaScript, Python, and C# have multiple frameworks that make web development interesting. In addition, they help you to get more done in less time. Indeed, they are productivity tools and are going to shorten your self-learning process. To learn frameworks, it is advisable that you pick one and learn it very well. After learning it, try and build multiple web apps with it and ensure that you cover many different features on both the browser and server side of things. When you go in-depth on one framework, you will be able to easily learn newer frameworks.

Product Management

There is more to web development that the programming. Hiring managers often find it difficult to pick a good web developer. This is not because they do not have the skillset, but they lack product sensibilities. Beyond writing codes, you must be able to build great products. Product management involves the ability to:

  1. Know and understand business objectives
  2. Manage a product
  3. Apply agile work process
  4. Use feedbacks to tweak a product

Learning product management will set you apart from the crowd of web developers out there.


When you write your codes, it is essential that you have a version of your code for record-keeping, collaboration, and incorporation with deployment processes. Since you are just getting started, it is advisable that you use GitHub.

Many great web developers are self-taught. If you are able to master these five topics, you will be an excellent web developer in less time.